It's finally here!  LoNotes Music is proud to announce the release of our latest CD:  Ponzi, The Musical!  Set in Boston a century ago, it's a tale of hope and greed, love and deception, inspired by the life of America's most notorious conman.  Take a listen on our CD page.


WELCOME TO LoNotesMusic. We write songs for celebration,  contemplation, inspiration and just plain fun.   Our specialty is the Movable Musical, stories in song and dialogue that can be adapted for different players, audiences, and settings.  Our style is eclectic, mixing ballad and beat, melody and meaning.  Our philosophy is that, like all of life, music is a gift and meant to be shared.  Come into our musical world. 

What our audiences are saying:

“Incredible!  Wonderful lyrics set to great music . . .I have chills just listening to it.”

“Exhilarating experience!"  "Beautifully compelling!"  "Fun and thought-provoking."     


"Powerful and poignant.  The music and lyrics touched me deeply!"

“There is a finger-snapping, head-bobbing dimension to this work; I’m humming the opener as I write.”



Find out how you can engage with us in sing-song diplomacy.  Listen to a track, buy a CD, book a workshop, commission your own song, attend a show, or help bring a performance to your local theater, conference or event.  Let's make music together.