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Musical Musings on  Peace, Beauty and Justice


ROOMAmanda Jones
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"Room" was inspired by a n encounter at Washington DC's John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts one festiveDecember night.   The song reflects on the question of who we make room for - at our tables and in our lives, at holiday time and all year long.  For piano-vocal scores (solo or SATB), please  send request to

"Stand Up!"

The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said:  “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”  In times of turmoil, silence is not an option.  In the America of 2018, silence is not an option.  Dedicated to those who have stood up, spoken up and acted up for democracy and justice.  Check out our YouTube video at

"Go, Science!"

"Go, Science" - Lois Cecsarini
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“I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.”  So said Galileo Galilei all these centuries ago. Who'd ever have thought that Science would need defending in the 21st century?     Yet here we are.  But as our hurting earth tells us every day, Science won't wait for us to "believe" in her.    It's a real-life thing, here and now, and we pursue it based   on careful observation and data-driven evidence - not alternative facts!  Dedicated to all those who use the great gift of science to enrich and enhance our lives.

"Nobody Makes It Alone"

Nobody Makes It Alone - Shacara Rogers
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Who would ever say "I never needed anyone else?"   How many ways  have  we been helped  by all who came before us and all who surround   us throughout our lives?    So perhaps it makes sense to remember ALL of the Preamble of our precious Constitution.  Dedicated to  my many  mentors and to all those who understand that promoting the general welfare is fundamental to our common defense. 

"Standing Rock"

Standing Rock - Lois Cecsarini
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Earth.  Our precious island home.   On loan to us from Creator to enjoy and care for, for ourselves and for future generations.  Will we care enough to save it?  Inspired by the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock and to all those who are working feverishly to address the existential problem of climate change.  Check out our video at

"We The People"

"We the People - Alan Naylor, WTP Chorus
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We the People  disagree on many things.  But we agree that we love this land, that we are a nation of the many, and that, in fact,   we are stronger when we work together.      Inspired by  recent events  and dedicated to all those who work in ways big and small for "liberty and justice for all."  Thanks to our great recording team:  Lead vocalist Alan Naylor and the  "We The People" chorus:   Kelly Heatwole, Mimi Kuester, Nancy Kuhn, Cat Law, Leikny Johnson, Dan Morton, Kathy Peery, and Bonnie Williams.    Check out our video on You Tube (Https://

"If Not Now"

If Not Now - Lois Cecsarini
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If not now, when?  When is the right time for trying something different, for learning something new?  Is it too late to learn Spanish, or to play the clarinet, or to write a letter, to make a phone call?  When is the right time for daring, for forgiveness, for love?  And if not now, will there be a time to stand for what we believe in?  Here is light-hearted look at the age-old question. 

"Stranger in a Strange Land"

Stranger In A Strange Land - Lois Cecsarini
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Welcome the stranger.  So says the Good Book.  Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.  So says the Lady with the Lamp who still stands at the door to our nation.  Those strangers who knock at that door today come in pursuit of the same dream that brought our ancestors to these shores:  to survive, to dance, and to have a place called home. 

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